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besame crimson or raspberry rouge
besame cashmere powders
besame lipsticks in red,
cherry red or dusty rose

Find more looks and
information in Gabriela’s book “Classic Beauty” history
of makeup.
Warm foundation was used with light powders on top. Rouge was bright and applied high on the cheekbone then blended toward the temple. Use Bésame's Crimson or Raspberry applied lightly for a rosy cheek and followed by loose powder to soften.
The thickness was natural and the shape was carefully pruned into clean arches. Achieve this by drawing the desired shape with a white pencil, then carefully tweezing the excess hairs. Brush the hair with a small comb and a bit of hair gel to keep it in place.
Shadows were used in natural shades such Bésame's Socialite Brown, Black Pearl shadows, lightly applied provides a perfect muted gray hue.
The lips were full with the top lip slightly overdrawn and rounded. Shades such as Cherry Red, Bésame Red, and Carmine were used. Always use foundation first if altering the shape of the lips. Use the sharp tip to draw the contour and fill with the blunt side.