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besame cake mascara
besame lipsticks in red,
cherry red or dusty rose
besame souffle foundation

Find more looks and
information in Gabriela’s book “Classic Beauty” history
of makeup.
Ivory complexions with a pink undertone were in fashion. Use a lighter foundation than your skin tone and our Boudoir Rouge in Sweet Pink or Raspberry applied high on the cheekbone to achieve this look.
The style was very thin and arched toward the temples. To achieve this look without tweezing, use brow wax and sealer to conceal them. Fill in the new brow with a very soft pencil.
The eyes had more color choices with Peacock Blue, Pistachio, Socialite Brown, or Plum Dandy. For a highlight, use Shimmer Beige on the brow bone. For daytime, a dab of petroleum jelly or a light shadow were worn. For evening, apply a color of shadow in the crease of the upper lid. Curl lashes and apply two generous coats of mascara.
Cherry Red, Dusty Rose, or Bésame Red are appropriate colors for this period. The top lip is slightly overdrawn to make two rounded mounds. This was called the rosebud mouth. With the sharp end of your Bésame lipstick, carefully draw the top lip and line the bottom. Fill in with color using the flat side of the tip.